Buy Facebook Account Pakistan Aged - Identity Verified

We provide Facebook advertising accounts, BM Facebook accounts created in the Pakistan 

Buy Facebook Account Pakistan Aged - Identity Verified

1. How to buy Facebook ads account Pakistan

Step 1: Visit website
Step 2: Sign up for an account
Step 3: Deposit money into your account (the amount will automatically load into your account after 1-2 minutes after your successful transfer)
Step 4: Choose the type to buy and the quantity to buy
Step 5: Get account information

2. Buy Facebook Ads Account Pakistan

 +  Account Facebook Pakistan verified identity (Green Tick) / ADS limit 50$, 250$, 350$, nolimit
 + Facebook Ads Account Pakistan / 2017-2019/ 2FA / Full mail
 + Facebook Ads Account Pakistan Aged / 2014-2017 / 2FA / Full mail
 + Facebook Ads Account Pakistan width friends / 2019-2021/ 2FA / Verified identity (Green Tick)  / Full mail
 + Facebook Ads Account Pakistan width friends (2000 - 5000 friends) / 2019-2021/ 2FA / Verified identity (Green Tick)  / Full mail
 + Facebook Account Pakistan Verified identity / 2017-2019 / 2FA / Verified identity (Green Tick)  / Full mail
 + Pakistan Facebook Account Aged  width friends / 2FA / ADS limit 250$ / Full mail
 + ...

3. Account information when buying an account, Facebook nick

When you buy a Facebook account, you will be provided with information to access the account
You will be provided with a file list of nicks in the following format: UID | Password | Cookei | Encrypt 2FA or UID | Password | 2FA Encryption | Cookei | or UID | Password | 2FA Encryption | Cookei | Email + password
Each nick is on 1 line, each information field is separated by a vertical dash "|"
Due to the high security of FB, if you log in with your username and password in the usual way with few accounts, it's okay, but when you log in to multiple accounts on the same machine, your account will be locked. So forcing you to use login via 2FA is the most optimal way.
UID: is a series of identifiers for a facebook account and can be used as a login name
Password: is the password to access the nick
FB Extra Security Layer 2FA Code

4. Buy BM Facebook (BM 50$, BM 350$, BM nolimit, BM Business Verified)

  + BM 50$ (ad spend budget is 10 - 50$)

  + BM 250$ (ad spend budget is 50 - 250$)

  + BM 350$ (ad spend budget is 50 - 350$)

  + BM no limit (ad spend budget is nolimit)

  + Business verification BM is a verified BM account with company information


5. FAQs

1, Is it safe to buy our Facebook Accounts?
   Yes, it's 100% risk-free, Our service is fully safe and secure to buy Facebook Account.

2, What are the Buying Options?
   We are accepting Paypal, Credit Cards as well.

3, What if my account get banned for some reason?
   First your account won't get banned if so we would replace it with a new one free of cost.

4, How long does it take to start the Accounts delivery?
    We instantly start when you place an order for Accounts. Depending on order quantity your order can be late or delivered within few hours.

5, Do they have profile picture setup?
    Our facbook accounts are complete in all respect. It would have a clear profile picture as well.
6, Discount for Bulk Order?
   Absolutely! Special rates for you, if you are buying more.. Get in touch with our support agents!

7, Do you offer free a sample Account?
   Unfortunately not. As we have packages at superlow prices that would perfect fit for testing the services.