Buy Facebook accounts for sell - Age - Cheap

For Facebook users, especially those who are using facebook for their sales business, they not only create 1 Facebook account but also own other Facebook accounts.
While now creating new Facebook nick is increasingly difficult. Just created nick 1-2 days has been locked. In addition, when creating an account, it takes a while for the account to have trust, so it will take a long time
Therefore, the solution to buy pre-made facebook nicks to go to camp will save a lot of time
Let's learn about the benefits and how to buy and sell cheap Prestige Facebook accounts and accounts

Benefits of buying sales facebook account

- Save time on account maintenance
- From your FB nick you can create an ad account to run ads for your products and services
- Sell directly on personal profile
- Increase interaction for posts (like, comment, share), seeding group
- Create resources on FB such as groups, fanpage, events,...

Categorize sales facebook accounts that can be bought

FB accounts by region, by country

This account type is for people who want to buy accounts in different countries to run ads, create bm

Age Facebook Account & New Facebook Account 

Old nicks are via accounts created in 2018 or earlier, while new nicks are Via accounts created from 2019 or later.

Facebook account on special request

  • These are the vias that cater to the unique needs of the buyer
  • Account Facebook has a green tick
  • Account Facebook holds BM, sells BM with fb account
  • Account Facebook has chat support
  • Account Facebook allows posting on the marketplace
  • Account Facebook for games
  • Account Facebook Identity Verification

Some types of Facebook accounts for selling or using

- Acc Facebook has verified identity
- Age Facebook Account has verified his identity
- Age Facebook Account verified identity (1000 - 5000 friends)
- Super Age Facebook Account(2008 - 2012)
- Identity Verified Age Facebook Account(verified identity) has a payout threshold of $250 (5M8)
- Identity Verified Age Facebook Account(verified identity) has a payout threshold of $ 50 (1M1)
...and many other account types

Instructions on how to use it after buying a sales facebook account

Once you are provided with account information, you can view the user guide:
- Instructions on how to log in to the sales facebook account
- Instructions to change sales facebook account information